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A website requires three things - Domain, Hosting and Design Code.


Domain name is the address of your website - www.yourcompany.com

A domain can be registered and paid on an annual basis. There are also free domain options available (.tk, .ml). Most free domains are free only for the first year and there is an annual charge starting from the 2nd year.

We offer free subdomains in the format - www.yourcompany.bapubuilder.solutions. Free domains don't look very professional however, can be good for short term/temporary projects.

Registering a professional domain with us will give you access to free technical support in website building


Hosting (also known as website hosting or Web hosting) is the business of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more websites. In a sense, you rent space on a computer to hold your website. A domain just points to the server which stores the website files. We are offering free hosting for life.

Design Code:

A website is primarily designed in HTML and CSS. JavaScript is used for additional styling effects. Modern frameworks like Bootstrap and W3.CSS reduces the programming efforts and simplifies the entire process of web designing. Our primary focus is performance, so the websites designed using our templates would be fast loading and mobile responsive.

The following templates have been built on W3.CSS, which is a modern CSS framework with built-in responsiveness. To use this framework, you need to understand some basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

 We have used Inline CSS at places to make it easier for you to change the colors and styles of the different sections and components. 

Following are some free tools that need to be used:

Color Picker HTML Editor Image Hosting

Below you'll find templates and code snippets to create a responsive website.

Oops, you're using a mobile device

Our framework helps you create fast loading mobile responsive websites, however, you'll need a bigger screen to create a website (atleast as of now). Please switch to a computer to use the templates.


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